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Price of hiding: $75

Deleting car history from SCA Auction

From a used car brought from the USA, you can make a real "beast" if you choose the right model, ensure careful and fast delivery, and do not pay too much at auction. SCA Auction gives access to 170 sites in different American states, opening up many opportunities for making successful deals. Both corporate and private buyers use it. The resource has quite a lot of advantages, for example:

more than 160 live auctions;
presence in the catalog of over 300 thousand lots;
the possibility of purchasing cars in different conditions, including emergency vehicles in need of serious repair;
interface in different languages – Russian, Spanish, English, Polish;
real-time database update;
making deals 24/7;
comprehensive information support for users.

Having got an idea of what SCA Auction is, you can safely use the resource to conclude a profitable deal:

In the first stage, the user needs to register. Without creating an account, it is impossible to access the functionality of the platform, in particular, to participate in auctions. The procedure is extremely simple and fast, but it is essential to correctly specify the data in the questionnaire to avoid problems with the security service and payment later.
Then, you will have to select the lot according to individual parameters, in particular, you can find a car by make, model, price, and year of manufacture. After the formalities are settled and the vehicle is delivered to its home country, it will be possible to remove SCA Auction in a few days, using the services of our company. To clarify what vin cleaner is, you can contact a consultant right now by filling out an online form or writing to the messenger by phone at +380939550770.
After the preparation, it's time to participate in the auction. You can place preliminary bids on the site or participate in live auctions, but the second option is more suitable for experienced buyers. A dealer license is not required, so all users (including companies) are on equal terms.

In the section with questions/answers, you can find valuable information about participation in the auction, there is also a technical support service to resolve any difficulties quickly. But you need help finding information on how to delete the history of car sales, which is automatically saved on the site and becomes available to other users in the future. In solving this problem, you should rely on our company's employees, who are engaged in clearing information about auction lots from the Internet.

How easy is it to remove a car from SCA Auction: important points

Realizing that it is necessary to clear the history of cars from the USA, the owners of vehicles purchased at auctions face that it is impossible to do this on their own. More precisely, no one bothers to try, but without special knowledge and skills, it's just a waste of time. The fact is that the platform initially receives consent from new users to process information, accordingly, it is not obliged to hide the data at your request. Therefore, it is useless to write to technical support with a request to delete the history of the car, but there is another way – to use the vin cleaner service. It is simple, fast, and requires no direct effort from the car owner.

Who should be charged with cleaning the VIN with SCA Auction?

Investing money wisely is necessary, which applies not only to choosing a platform for purchasing a car, but also to finding a service to clear the history of cars from the USA. It makes sense to pay for SCA Auction removal when you are 100% sure of the reliability of the performer. Our company can guarantee the result which:

sets a fixed cost of services;
conducts a free study of electronic databases to provide a list of resources on which the VIN code is mentioned or there are images of a vehicle imported from the United States of America;
attracts qualified programmers to work;
it provides various payment methods – based on personal considerations, you can pay using USDT, PayPal or a Visa or MasterCard bank card;
compiles and sends reports after the cleanup is completed;
it works efficiently and quickly – we complete the cleaning order in 1-3 days;
takes care that the deleted information is not subject to recovery.

Results of deleting the history of the car

By entrusting us to clear SCA Auction, you get a guaranteed result in a short period, and we delete absolutely all data about the insurance auction lot, including:

VIN code;
archive photos;
number of purchase and sale transactions;
names of owners;
cases of getting into an accident;
damage list;
parameters of the internal combustion engine gearbox;
configuration information;
data on the repair work carried out;
starting and final cost;
odometer readings.

For those who want to achieve complete anonymity, we offer a comprehensive service that removes the history of cars from the USA from all resources on the Internet. In addition to this, programmers adjust the Google search by pictures. Delete photo! Remove vehicle! Hide auto! Hide auto! Delete VIN! Remove VIN! Clean VIN history! Hide Photo! Clean VIN! Delete photo! Remove vehicle! Remove vin! Hide auto! Delete VIN! Remove VIN! Clean VIN history! Hide Photo! Delete photo! Remove vehicle! Clean VIN! Remove vin! Hide auto! Delete VIN! Remove VIN! Clean VIN history! Hide Photo! Clean VIN! Delete photo! Clean VIN! Remove vin! Hide auto! Delete VIN! Remove VIN! Clean VIN history! Hide Photo! Clean VIN! Remove vin!


Service to remove car history involves thoroughly clean vin all vehicle information, such as accidents, ownership changes, or maintenance, from various databases. The purpose of vin cleaner is to ensure the privacy of our customers and help them keep a clean VIN.

To remove car history from the Copart website, follow these steps:
Visit our cleanautohistory page and leave a request on our website. The vin cleaner service gives you the opportunity to remove a picture of a car purchased at Copart auctions from a Google image search. Leave an application on our website and order the vin cleaner service.

The time it takes to delete car history from the web can vary from case to case. Typically, the vin cleaner process takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Our specialists make every effort to clean vin code and remove car history from the search engine as quickly as possible.

Delete car history is legal because it is not intended to intentionally mislead others . The Vin cleaner service seeks to ensure customer privacy and help customers maintain a good representation of their vehicle.

Vin cleaner service includes remove car history from various databases and websites such as,,, and others. Our experts make sure to remove as much outdated or unfavorable information about your vehicle as possible.

We accept a variety of payment methods such as credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), PayPal, bank transfers and others. Choose the payment method that is most convenient and safe for you.

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